Suffering from insomnia – what to do

A huge number of people are prone to insomnia or sleep disorders (asomnia). According to medical statistics, every second person on the planet suffers from insomnia. Not surprisingly, because the crazy rhythm of life and the poor state of the environment – his first allies.

Sleep is necessary for a person to restore physical and mental strength, maintain immunity, effective processing of information. In addition, in different phases of sleep there is a synthesis and release of various hormones that affect the normal functioning of body structures. Of course, sleep problems in women are much more common than in the male half of humanity. This is most likely due to the increased emotionality and lability of the nervous system of women.

How to recognize insomnia?

Insomnia – only in the literal sense means the absence of sleep as such. But, in fact, any sleep disorder is considered insomnia: a decrease in the duration of sleep, its intermittent, inability to fall asleep quickly or premature awakening.

Signs of insomnia are:

  1. problems falling asleep
  2. superficial sleep with frequent awakenings
  3. waking up too early
  4. feeling broken and sleepless in the morning
  5. almost complete disappearance of night sleep

Causes of insomnia

Sleep disorders can occur for a variety of reasons:

  1. frequent falling asleep at different times of the day, without any regime
  2. alcohol consumption and smoking at bedtime
  3. spending too much time before bed
  4. the habit of thinking about plans for the future

All this prevents the body from adjusting to falling asleep and leads to an imbalance of sleep processes. But if you change your attitude to sleep, the situation can be normalized.

Insomnia associated with various diseases. It can be provoked by both mental disorders (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, neurosis) and somatic diseases. Insomnia can be caused by hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes, asthma, allergies and any other illness that causes pain, shortness of breath, cough, itching and any other unpleasant symptoms.

So, friends, pay enough attention to the hygiene of sleep, monitor your mental and physical condition – so you can avoid sleep problems. And healthy sleep is a necessary condition for a comfortable life!


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