“Most promisingly, violinist-mandolinist Andra Faye provides some much-needed depth and variety. Her fiery gypsy fiddle adds exactly what this band needs to put its message over with musical as well as lyrical power-it’s playful yet deadly serious, and tinged with magic.
David Whiteis, The Chicago Reader, Chicago, IL

“Her skills on fiddle and mandolin have added a new dimension to Saffire’s sound.”
Mark Schwerin, The Battle Creek Enquirer, Battle Creek, MI

“Faye’s proficiency on fiddle and mandolin lends the band a distinct honky-tonk edge that is a big part of the group’s identity.
The Gainesville Sun, Gainesville, FL

“…the group gained a new dimension to their music with the addition of country-tinged vocalist and multi-talented master of all things stringed, Andra Faye.”
Shanna Shipman, The Peoria Daily Times, Peoria, IL

“The strategy worked well for Saffire-with the addition of bassist Andra Faye in 1992, the duo became a power trio. With the addition of Faye on vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and bass, 1992’s Broad Casting brought the band even more critical acclaim and packed houses wherever they appeared.”
Grant Britt, Greensboro, NC

“With the addition of Faye, who brings an energetic stage personality and skill on bass, fiddle and mandolin to the trio, Saffire became the blues giants they are today.
Gabe Rosen, Daily Eastern News, Charleston, IL

“Faye’s vocals add a new dynamic: a refined, jazzy tone delivered with the precision of a Broadway actress.”
Sam McDonald, The Daily Press, Newport News, VA

“Faye’s contributions on mandolin and fiddle, not to mention her evenly textured, Bonnie-Raitt-flavored vocal style, are welcome additions to the band.
Robert Santelli, CD Review, Peterborough, NH

“Her presence has added to Saffire’s music by providing new instrumental voices (particularly her mandolin, and fiddle) as well as her wonderful singing.
Ron Weinstock, Cleveland Jazz & Blues Report, Cleveland, OH

“Andra Faye demonstrates her vocal virtuosity…”
Laura Johnston, Night Sites & Sounds, Madison, WI

“The addition of Andra Faye to the team was an inspiration. Faye’s strong, clear voice brings a straight-on energy to such numbers as “You Got To Know How” and Lonnie Mack’s powerful “Falling Back In Love With You”.
Dennis Miller, Star-Gazette, Elmira, NY

“Andra Faye’s clear voice rings with uppity charm…
Shawn Ryan, The Birmingham News, Birmingham, AL

“Songs like “Don’t Do It” or “If Love Hurts (You’re Not Doing It Right) come alive with Faye’s melodic voice. Her buoyant bass and fiddle add another flavor to this stylish mix.
Raye Snover, Dirty Linen Magazine

“Andra Faye’s voice is sweet, clear and rich all at once…”
Ruth Holladay, The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN

“Andra Faye absolutely shines on another vintage piece, Memphis Minnie’s “In My Girlish Days”.
Matt Watson, Washington City Paper, Washington, DC

” …with the newest of the Uppity Blues Women–Andra Faye–shining on most of the vocals. She does good things to “In My Girlish Days”, adding a nice touch with the mandolin.”
Jim White, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburg, PA

Bassist Andra Faye has a wider singing range. She imbues “In My Girlish Days” with innocence while giving “Don’t Do It” the right amount of raunchiness. High toned acoustic guitar stylings accentuate the undeniable sweetness of her voice.”
Ashley Redhill, San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, CA

“…an inspired cover of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”.
Feminist Bookstore News, San Francisco, CA

“Lonely Nights” (written by Faye), a moody ballad with a bit of swing, cries out in pain. Andra Faye performs a graceful cover of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy”.
PJ Klemp, Living Blues Magazine

“a smoldering cover of the country & western classic, “Crazy”…
Silver City Daily Press, Silver City, NM

“Faye sings lead on the double-entendre-ed “Mr. Insurance Man”, Willie Nelson’s “Crazy”, and the Koko Taylor standard “You Can Have My Husband” with her passionate clarity of voice.”
Art Tipaldi, Blues Revue Magazine

“…an impressive version of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy” made popular by Patsy Cline.”
Mason Laderer, Sanibel Captiva Islander, Sanibel, FL

“And Faye is the belter of the three. The songs she performs-“You Can Have My Husband”, the saucy “Mr. Insurance Man”, Willie Nelson’s classic “Crazy”-show off her Broadway-style pipes. She kicks off “Cold Pizza & Warm Beer” with her wicked stand-up bass and underscores “1-800-799-7233” with her solemn, mournful fiddle.
Kira L. Schlechter, Sunday Patriot-News, Harrisburg, PA

“The multi-talented Andra Faye shares vocals and plays a tough bass, as well as mandolin, fiddle, and guitar. Andra cites the great Yank Rachell as a major influence, and take it from me-she can hold her own.”
Minneapolis Pulse, Minneapolis, MN

“Andra Faye added bass, occasionally mandolin and a voice that was at times saucy, but her version of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” showed her potential as a country and western belter.
Mark Wedel, Kalamazoo Gazette, Kalamazoo, MI

“Faye’s aching fiddle work runs through the haunting song “1-800-799-7233”.
Winda Benedetti, Spokesman Review, Spokane, WA

“Once In A While” is an infectious romp featuring Andra Faye’s lively mandolin. Faye’s clear, vibrant voice is an instrument of pure desire on the steamy “Nobody Ever Touched Me There”.
Maureen DelGrosso, Blues Revue Magazine

“Andra Faye displays how good a singer she has become on the reworking of “Footprints On The Ceiling”.
Ron Weinstock

“Faye is sounding sly and sexy on tunes like “It Takes A Mighty Good Man”.
Sing Out

“Nobody Ever Touched Me There” is a stylish and hauntingly beautiful number…”
Chicago Arts & Entertainment, Chicago, IL

“Andra Faye has a higher, smooth voice that carries a jazz singer’s tone with it. Hers is seductive and equally adept at exercising the control necessary to let the song take precedence.
Out’n About