Andra Faye and The Mighty Good Men

Walkin’ Home To You

Track List:

1. Walkin’ Home To You (3:10)
(Andra Faye) BluzGal Music BMI
Listen to clip. [1.33MB, MP3]

2. Slow Burnin Love (2:52)
(Andra Faye) BluzGal Music BMI

3. Take It Slow (3:26)
(Liz Pennock) Pennock Music BMI
Listen to clip. [1.22MB, MP3]

4. Little Lolita (2:48)
(Andra Faye & Roddy Barnes)
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5. Lonely Nights (4:08)
(Andra Faye) Eyeball Publishing BMI

6. Goin’ Down To The River (3:41)
(Carla Daruda)


Walkin' Home To You

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Woodford, VA 22580


About the CD:

We recorded 6 songs for the CD – 3 written by me and one I co-wrote with Roddy Barnes ( The remaining were penned by Carla Daruda, a friend from WV and Liz Pennock ( who performs with her husband, “Dr. Blue.” As it turns out, Roddy, Carla & Liz are all piano players – and there’s not a piano at all on this recording. Go figure! Next time out, we’ll have lots more friends & instruments, but this is just the three of us, playing live with only a few overdubs, so it is lovely, sparse & intimate. Sort of like being with us in the living room.

Recorded live (minimal takes and overdubs) at Wally Cleaver’s Studio, Fredericksburg, Va, on the evening of March 25th, 2005.

Engineer: Jeff Covert
Asst. Engineer: Jay Starling

All songs © 2005 Andra Faye except where noted.

Andra Faye & The Mighty Good Men are:

Andra Faye – vocals, bass, mandolin, guitar, fiddle
Chris Jones – harmonica, guitar
Ken Phillips – guitar, bass


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