Andra Faye & The Rays, was birthed, where else, at the Thursday night blues jam at Locals Only, a club in Indianapolis, IN. Looking for like-minded blues lovers after moving back to her hometown of Indy, Andra started hanging on Thursdays where she found old friends & new friends. Terry Glass, from back in the days of the first IN Blues Society & the early Blues Jams at The Slippery Noodle was playing electric guitar most weeks with the host band of Tim Duffy, drums; Jay Stein, harp; Charlie Cheesman on keys & Jerome Mills or Lester Johnson on bass.

“Jamming on stage turned into hanging out off stage¦and one night I mentioned to Charlie that I was REALLY ready for a band, because though I was pretty good at directing jam traffic ”I wanted to do more complicated songs!” He & his sweetie, Cheryl, looked at each other”and apparently the subject had already come up!! He had a drummer named RC Coffman in mind already … So our lineup is: Andra Faye: vocals, bass, mandolin, violin, guitar; Charlie Cheesman: vocals, keyboard; Scott Ballantine: electric guitar and Ron “RC” Coffman on drums.

We had our first official rehearsal August 14, 2011, and our first gig was August 24th & we are having a natural ball. It’s so much fun when the band is having a great time from the first note & finds a groove easily. We are already finding our “sound” and have found a Friday night home at Just Judy’s at 2210 E. 54th Street, on the Northeast side of Indy, from 7pm to 10pm and have more gigs under our belt now, including our debut at The Slippery Noodle Inn.

Our sound includes some favorites from my days with Saffire-The Uppity Blues Women, such as “Lightening In These Thunder Thighs” & “Too Much Butt,” as well as my originals & a full array of whatever the hell feels good to sing”from “At Last” to “Ode To Billie Joe”!! And, with a kickin’ keyboard player like Charlie, of course we got some boogie in our woogie, as well as some deep soulful blues guitar from Scott, with RC keeping us swinging the blues. Look for us as we start touring further down the road!